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Seat replacement

Siyanda Engineering is well equipped to replace valve seat hard facings of various grades of alloys and Stellite 6, for high temperature applications.

Our perfected automated welding process ensures defect free seat refurbishments.


Valve body refurbishment

Siyanda Engineering is well equipped to refurbish valves of various nominal bores and of the following types;

  • Non-return valves

  • Wedge gate valves

  • Governor & Stop valves

  • Control valves

Where required, we have the capability to manufacture worn components such as internal spindles, guides, bushes and fasteners to ensure that your valve is returned to original OEM condition.

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Lapping, Bluing & Pressure testing

Siyanda Engineering is equipped with qualified valve fitters to lap and blue your valve seats.

One valves are blued, all valves are pressure tested to their unique pressure. Our test rigs are rated to test valves hydro-statically to 400 Bar.

Should you require our services on your fleet of valves, please contact us by clicking on the link below!

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